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Absolute Phase has now on demo the world’s best Network Audio player: Esoteric N 05.

To the Future of Musical Reproduction. Total sound quality without compromise. This has been Esoterics core philosophy since its birth in 1987. Now this zeal for excellence extends to the highest quality in music streaming, pushing Esoteric to develop a new network audio player - one that offers listeners supreme ease in their musical enjoyment. From DSD high-resolution masters to re-acquaintances with old classics lying hidden for years in a corner of your CD library, all can be instantly accessed from your giant music library, and all from the comfort of your listening seat.

Passion and pride invested in advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship support high quality you can rely on. Let the N-05 bring you closer still to the music you love, and lead you to a more complete sense of musical enjoyment. Onward to the future of musical reproduction.

Pass Labs launches new products at MOC 2017.

New Launches at Pass Labs. (Available at Absolute Phase)

At Pass Labs, we don’t change our products unless we feel that the changes are significant improvements over previous versions. Because of this we see typical product life spans of seven to eight years.

We are constantly working on and listening to new things and increasing our knowledge of circuits and components on sound. Eventually we find some things worth putting into production because they are significant enough. That time has come with a new series of preamplifiers.”

The XP-12: Single Chassis Line Level Preamp
The new XP-12 starts with a new power supply. It uses an efficient toroidal design with both an electrostatic and Mu metal shield, along with vacuum impregnating and epoxy fill. This gives us a very quiet transformer both electrically and mechanically.

The power supply circuitry itself is also lower noise and has additional filtering; perhaps a little more complicated, but worth it.

The XP-12 uses the single stage volume control borrowed from the Xs line preamp. This gives us one hundred 1 dB steps with lower noise and distortion, while removing some signal path parts.

The gain circuitry continues to use our favorite transistors from Toshiba, but has a larger, higher biased output stage like the Xs preamplifier’s auto bias. This makes longer and multiple cable runs easier to drive and provides the advantage of simplifying our single-ended output circuitry while increasing performance.

Overall this makes for a quieter, more neutral, musical and versatile control center for your system.

XP-12 Specs:

Power consumption 50 Watts
Gain 9.3dB Balanced
Frequency response: +/- 0.05 dB 10Hz to 20KHz
-1dB @ 100KHz

Crosstalk > 100dB
Residual Noise 15uV 10 – 30Khz
THD < 0.001 @ 1V 1Khz
Double shielded low noise toroid
Dimensions: 17” W x 12.5” D x 4” H
MSRP: $5,800
The XP-17: Single Chassis Phono Preamp

The XP-17 uses the new-shielded low noise toroidal and input filter module, like the XP-12. The power supply has an extra stage of RC filtering, allowing for lower radiated and mechanical noise.

The XP-17 has an all new input circuit that is symmetrical and lower in noise and distortion, with greater drive capability. Noise being the most prominent part of THD+N in the first section of a phono stage; by lowering noise we get better resolution and dynamics.

It was designed with a split EQ network, like the XP-25 and XI Phono, that is more accurate and can handle greater signal levels. The secondary stage runs a higher bias output stage with auto bias.

The numerous loading options from the XP-15 are all still available, plus three gain settings to accommodate low output MC to MM cartridges.

XP-17 Specs:

Power consumption: 40 Watts
Gain: 76, 66, 56 dB balanced 70, 60, 50 unbalanced
Output impedance: 110 Ohms RCA; 220 Ohms balanced
Input impedance: 10 – 47K Ohms more than 200 values
Capacitive loading: 10 -750 pF
RIAA curve accuracy: +/- .1 dB 20 – 20 KHz Passive / Active EQ
Distortion and noise: .004%
Quad-matched low noise symmetrical JFET input.
Double shielded low noise toroidal transformer
Dimensions: 17” W x 12.5” D x 4” H
MSRP: $4,300
About Pass Labs

Founded in 1991 by legendary audio designer Nelson Pass, Pass Laboratories, Inc. markets its unique amplifiers and preamplifiers. The company is based in Auburn, California, and is universally regarded as one of the most innovative audio brands in the world. Its critically acclaimed Aleph, X and XA-Series products have won numerous awards, and Founder Nelson Pass holds numerous audio patents. His achievements include developing the first dynamically biased Class-A amplifier circuit, developing a fully cascode audio power amplifier, and developing the Stasis amplifier in 1977. He helped popularize solid-state, single-ended Class-A power amplifiers, and developed the very successful Aleph series of products, and the Super-Symmetry™ circuit, which achieves exceptionally low distortion and noise levels.

Now on demo the new Conrad Johnson Classic Sixty Two Valve Power Amp.

Announcing New Classic Amplifiers:

The Classic Sixty-Two and the Classic One-Twenty

The Classics Revisited
The Conrad-Johnson design team is particularly excited with the introduction of two new Classic amplifiers, the Classic Sixty-Two (CL62) and Classic One-Twenty (CL120).
The CL62 uses a pair of EL34 output tubes per channel to produce 60 Watts/channel. The CL120 uses two pair of EL34s for 125 Watts/channel. Each is also available in upgraded “SE” versions featuring KT120 output tubes.
The new Classics are available at Absolute Phase.

Please call 9844094669 for a demo appointment!

Happy 40th Anniversary Harbeth!

Wishing Harbeth a very happy 40th Anniversary. Congratulations to Alan Shaw & his team at Harbeth.

Harbeth is exclusively imported & distributed by Absolute Phase in India. All models of Harbeth are on demo at Absolute Phase.

Pre book your order for the special 40th anniversary models of the Harbeth Super HL5+ & the Harbeth Reference Monitor 40.2 loudspeakers. (limited to 40 numbers worldwide only)

All demos via prior appointment! Please call 9844094669 or email sales@absolutephase.com for a demo appointment.

We also like to thank all our proud Harbeth INDIA customers & hope our Harbeth India customer base increase!

Absolute Phase is the exclusive Devialet Dealer for Karnataka

We at Absolute Phase are happy to announce that we now are representing Devialet India as the exclusive dealer for Karnataka region. On demo is the jaw dropping Devialet Phantom Gold & the Devalet Expert 220pro integrated amp. All demos are via prior appointments only.

3 founders, one common obsession: 
constant innovation

Devialet is a French company created in 2007 from the encounter of 3 complementary and explosive expertise: Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, an engineer, Quentin Sannié, a visionary entrepreneur and Emmanuel Nardin, a designer of excellency.

Together they founded Devialet, Ingénierie Acoustique de France

The best team of engineers

In the heart of Paris, the 40 best acoustic, mechanic, electronic, computer science and signal processing engineers work to invent the sound technologies of the future.

Their motto: excellence, innovation and constant challenge.

Discover our revolutionary technologies:

Phantom is unique. More than a connected speaker, Phantom emits sound using a revolutionary and inherently superior process created by Devialet engineers.

Invented and made in France, protected by 102 patents, Phantom forever changes the world of sound.

Experience the ultra-dense sound with physical impact in its most extreme version with Gold PHANTOM

Expert Pro is the ultimate audiophile system, for the most discerning of music lovers.

Absolute Phase is now the exclusive India Distributor for PrimaLuna (The Netherlands).

PrimaLuna has pioneered numerous technologies to redefine tube amplification. From increased reliability and tube life all the way to their unique, signature sound! The driving force behind PrimaLuna is one of high-end audio’s most astute and colorful figures, Herman van den Dungen. It’s been said that many successful, creative people “march to the beat of a different drummer,” but it’s the ability to get others to hear your tune and march with you that distinguishes the most accomplished. Van den Dungen is undoubtedly one of them. With a reputation of gathering the best talent for his projects, the widely-known, Dutch-born entrepreneur.


We at Absolute Phase are excited and happy that we now represent PASS LABS as the official exclusive distributor for India. Pass Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Nelson Pass. 

Operating out of his shop at home, Pass developed prototypes of a single-ended Class A amplifier design.  At the same time, he and Mike Burley were constructing an in-house machine shop with three home-built CNC milling machines with which to produce the amplifiers when the design was finished.

The first product, the Aleph 0, shipped in 1992.  It was a mono-block design rated at 70 watts into 8 ohms, and was unique in using three gain stages of power Mosfets including a push-pull output stage biased by a big constant current source.  The amplifier operated as single-ended Class A up to its 70 watt rating and in push pull Class A at higher wattage. At this time, Nelson hired his next-door neighbor, Elena Tong, to help with producing the amplifiers, and she manages much of the company to this day.

A stereo version called the Aleph 0s followed after, along with a preamp called the Aleph P.  A larger version of the Aleph 0 called the Aleph 1 shipped the following year, and was a mono-block rated at 150 watts. In 1994 Pass Labs released a newer Aleph design which simplified the circuit from three gain stages down to only two stages and used a newly patented power current source to bias the single-ended output stage.  The new circuitry was incorporated into a revision of the Aleph 1, the 200 watt Aleph 1.2, and smaller models, the 100 watt Aleph 2.

In 1994 Nelson was joined by Wayne Colburn, who began working on improved version of the preamp and on a new phono stage.  The company received two patents this year, one of them the design that became the SuperSymmetric circuit in use today.In 1995, the 30 watt Aleph 3 and Aleph L preamp were released.  Also in 1995 the Joseph Sammut left his position at Krell and became operations chief at Pass labs.  The following year he was followed by designer Desmond Harrington.

In 1997 Wayne Colburn’s efforts bore fruit in the revised Aleph P, the Aleph Ono phono stage, and the D1 digital to analog converter.

By 1995 the company had outgrown Nelson’s buildings, and building was begun in a new location.  In 1997 Pass Labs moved out of Nelson’s shop space and into a new facility in Foresthill.  By then, even more space was needed, and was leased for storage elsewhere.  Nelson’s original shop continues to house research.

In 1998 the company released the X1000, the first amplifier using the patented SuperSymmetric topology.  The X1000 achieved 1000 watts with high performance, local feedback and only two gain stages:  a cascoded differential pair of transistors and a large bank of complementary output followers.  This ground breaking design has formed the amplifier products from Pass Labs to the present day. The X1000 also introduced Desmond Harrington’s signature mechanical design work.  The X1000 was followed by the mono-block X600, the stereo X350, and the stereo X250 and X150 models.

In 1998 and 1999, Wayne’s preamplifiers X0, X1, and Xono were released, and Joe Sammut became the President of Pass Labs, freeing Nelson to devote all his time to product.In 2002 the first XA amplifiers were released, combining the X and Aleph topologies into balanced single-ended Class A amplifiers with many of the characteristics of both the X and Aleph series.  The XA200 was rated at 200 watts mono, the XA160 was 160 watts.

In 2003 the company produced the X150.5, the first major improvement of the X150 amplifier, and followed it with “.5” revisions to the other X amplifiers through 2003 and 2005.In 2007 Pass Labs is applying the “.5” advances to the XA series of amplifiers, with the XA100.5, XA60.6, and XA30.5 shipping as of this writing.  These revisions dramatically lower distortion and noise and also dramatically improved the performance of the amplifiers into low impedance loads.

Also in 2007, Desmond Harrington assumed responsibility as President of the company.  Nelson and Wayne continue development work, Joe manages sales and marketing, and Elena and Kent English manage the rest of the company.  All these people still like each other, and sit in the same office everyday.  This way they can all can hear everything that’s going on, laughing about most of it.
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