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Now on Demo at AP – the Rolls-Royce of Japanese valve amps :: Air Tight


  • Dependable orthodox configuration composed of highly acclaimed 6CA7 valves under Mullard phase inversion
  • Hefty output headroom achieved by newly developed Hashimoto transformers boasting of 60W power handling capability
  • Bias adjustment facilities for easy service accessibility
  • No PCB in favour of point-to-point manual soldering with full OFC wires and copper-plated chassis


  • Highly reliable 12AX7 valves meticulously selected after ageing
  • 3-stage low-impedance K-K NF configuration equaliser acclaimed for low distortion & wide frequency response
  • Simple, single-stage flat amp for pure sound
  • High-voltage B-power supply with quick recovery diode
  • PCB-free hand wiring
  • Discrete, highly rigid dia-magnetic chassis
  • EL-core power transformer


Harbeth in 'crime' demand

AS THE last remaining wholly British brand designing and manufacturing traditional thin-wall cabinets, Harbeth was recently selected to provide studio monitors for the popular TV series Crimewatch.  

Since January 2011, the programme which asks views to help the police catch wanted suspects, has been made in Cardiff (by BBC Cymru Wales) for the national BBC One channel.

The Monitor 40.1 is the flagship studio loudspeaker in Harbeth’s professional range, and is used in the production of many highly-revered shows, including the BBC’s Eastenders, and at Fountain Studios (pictured right), home of The X-Factor, The Cube, and Britain’s Got Talent – some of the biggest UK audience shows which are viewed around the globe.

Harbeth’s MD, Alan Shaw, said, “We are delighted to have been able to provide the sound solution BBC Wales needed for the prestigious Crimewatch show. To work with sound professionals who clearly care about the audio quality is a privilege in an age of so much mediocrity. The quality of the sound on Crimewatch is clearly second to none and we are proud to be able to play our part.



Stands from down under

A NEW range of bespoke stands in hard rock maple has been created by Harbeth New Zealand.

They are made by Parmenter Sound and are available in clear lacquered maple or black satin finish. Three different materials are used in the construction: maple for the open frame stand, a powder-coated steel bottom plate for extra mass and stability, and solid brass feet for level adjustment and ‘tone tuning’ of the steel bottom plate. All three elements combine to make a stand that allows the Harbeth speakers to perform to their full potential. 

“We have added a 6 mm steel bottom plate for extra stability on carpet, using threaded 8 mm spikes”, explains Jason Parmenter. “In the clear Maple we have grain matched the legs and faces”.
The most popular Harbeth models are catered for: P3ESR, C7ES-3, SHL5 and the mighty M40.1. Four brass footers per stand, with M8 threaded studs, allow for perfect stablility and easy leveling.

“I have found that by using the hard rock Maple timber for my speaker stands I do not need to use any de-coupling pads between the speakers and the stands”, adds Jason. “The bass is very natural sounding with the Harbeth speaker placed directly on top of the stand.”



35th anniversary range

A RANGE of 35th anniversary models is being made available to mark Harbeth's formation in 1977.

Special-edition C7ES3s, SHL5s and Monitor 30.1s will boast improved, OFC internal wiring and 'gold' anniversary badging.

"The new models are already proving popular", explained Harbeth's production chief, Andy Sinden. "They are being rolled out to many international markets as a limited 'celebration' product to mark Harbeth's unique role in loudspeaker development."

35th aniv


News Item IV

TO MARK its 35th anniversary year, Harbeth has unveiled an exciting new model at the Munich High-End show (3-6May).

The new Monitor 30.1 loudspeaker features a new, RADIAL2™ mid/bass drive unit; a new, top quality SEAS tweeter (as used on the flagship M40.1); and a redesigned crossover. There is now a more open sound, a smoother response with greater, more even dispersion which means less critical stand height and a more involving listener experience.

The original Monitor 30 was unveiled in 1997 as successor to the BBC’s medium-sized studio monitor loudspeaker, the LS5/9. It has remained in demand ever since. No other Harbeth model has been unchanged and in continuous production for as long. This validates the integrity of the original design.

Designer Alan Shaw said, “the refinements I was able to make 15 years later are possible because of the leap in computer modelling software. Modern simulators are far more sophisticated than the DOS-based systems I had in 1997. They allow for a levels of precision just not possible before, so I could hold a powerful ‘magnifying glass’ over the whole design and make precise and targeted improvements.”

The Munich High End show gave European visitors the first chance to view the M30.1 on the eve of the initial production. “A pre-production pair of the new speakers was made and shipped to Munich”, explains production manager Andy Sinden. “The first production will satisfy orders taken at the Show. World-wide shipping will then commence in June. as the new model is rolled out around the globe.”

The High End Society Munich show has become a highlight in the worldwide audio calendar. It is now a vital place for leading manufacturers to display their brands to international audio buyers.


News Item v

Harbeth's Alan Shaw introduced us to the new Monitor 30.1 loudspeaker that made its debut at High End 2012. The original Monitor 30 was the longest-running Harbeth speaker without any change whatsoever -- until earlier this year, that is. Its 15-year run came to an end when Shaw changed the drivers and then re-worked the crossover with the help of the latest crossover-design software. The Monitor 30.1s are priced at 3000€ per pair.

jjjalan shaw

News item VI

German readers back Harbeth
THOUSANDS of readers of Germany's prestigous hi-fi magazine Audio voted for the Harbeth C7-ES3 compact monitor.

Harbeth Germany's Bernd Hömke, of input audio, collected the award at a ceremony hosted by AUDIO and sister publications stereoplay and VIDEO.

"These are the our biggest and most popular magazines for HiFI and Video", he explains. "They gave awards to the first three products in different categories which are elected by over 25,000 readers.  "And I am so pleased to report that the hand-crafted Harbeth Compact 7 ES-3 won second-place, taking-on many much bigger brands, in the price category up to €3000.

"Harbeth goes from strength-to-strength here in Germany."


News item VII
Zut alors! - high praise for P3 in Canada
Highly-respected Canadian audiophile publication Le Magazine Son & Image found the Harbeth P3 mini-monitor 'outstanding', 'very natural', and capable of 'an exceptional communication between the artist and the listener'.

"This is high praise indeed", acknowledges Harbeth's marketing man, Trevor Butler. "Reading the in-depth article, it becomes clear quite quickly that the reviewer is enamoured with Alan's shoebox-sized design and the latest implementation of the Harbeth RADIAL™ cone technology."

The review, in French, covers five pages and is flagged on the cover (see left).
 Reviewer Jan-Erik Nordoen says of the P3 (translated)... "The P3ESR are endowed with a capacity of outstanding communication, reproduction of voice is disarmingly natural and brings a foreshortening with the artist who cannot remain indifferent. ... I could write a further 2000 words on these speakers to try to convince you, but without reaching the evidence that five minutes of listening will give you. Bring your favourite discs with you to a Harbeth dealer and treat yourself."

High praise, indeed.

News item VIII
'TAS' top rankings for Harbeth
THREE of the Harbeth models make The Absolute Sound (USA's prestigious audio magazine) '2012 Editor's Choice Awards' listings.

"The Harbeth P3ESR:  "This latest version of Alan Shaw's sub-compact  monitor is so cannily designed it almost transcends the limitations  of its genre.  Neutrality and natural tonal balance reign supreme,  but this one can also play loud and descend to depths in the bass   Exceptional driver integration, coherence, and openness also  characterize the design".

Harbeth C7ES-3: "Arguably the ne plus ultra of BBC two-way designs,  with bass down to 45Kz, an essentially perfect midrange, and a top  end that reproduces ambience fantastically, the 7ES-3 will play loud 
 enough for serious music listeners(though not for head-bangers).   With respect to accuracy, neutrality, and natural tonal balance, the  7 establishes a new benchmark for compact two-ways".

Harbeth M40.1: "The new version of the M40 has a slightly more  forward midrange, more "domesticated" (less "pro" tonal balance and  higher sensitivity.  A BBC-style three-way monitor, with Harbeth bass  and mid drivers and SEAS Excel tweeter.  Neutral sound, exceptional  midrange clarity, refined and extended treble, almost full bass  extension in the room, and surprisingly 'outside the box' imaging".

"This is a magnificent achievement", says Harbeth's designer and MD, Alan Shaw, "and wonderful news in this the company's 35th anniversary year.

News item IX
Making waves in India
MEDIA coverage heralded the arrival of the Harbeth brand in India as new distributor, Absolute Phase, secured reporting of its recent appointment.

News items have appeared in several publications, including the India edition of mass market 'What Hi-Fi', and the specialist audio/video title 'AV Max'. These not only detailed the product range but also the heritage behind the company and its founder, the senior BBC engineer, Dudley Harwood, 35 years ago.

"We look forward to our new association with Absolute Phase", says Harbeth's marketing man, Trevor Butler.
 "These are exciting times in India where there is a demand for high-quality, hand-crafted loudspeakers which can now be fulfilled. "

For details of the whole range available please see http://www.absolutephase.com/

News Item X
35 successful years

2012 MARKS a very special anniversary for Harbeth which celebrate 35 years of making top quality hi-fi and professional monitoring loudspeakers. Little could senior BBC engineer Dudley Harwood have imagined that the British loudspeaker company he started would be creating world-leading technology 35 years later. Just as he had taken his breakthrough cone technology, polypropylene, to the mass market in 1977, Harbeth Audio today is unique in using its revolutionary, breakthrough material RADIAL TM across its range of home hi-fi and professional broadcast monitors.

The name Harbeth is a fusion of the founders surname, Har-wood, and Eliza-beth, his wife’s name; today it is a brand revered around the globe as creator of hand-crafted British loudspeakers with unbeatable resolution and clarity.

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